Jim Nealon

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Phone: 340-332-2850
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.teamsanmartin.com

About Jim:

Originally from Massachusetts, Jim graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a BS in Chemical Engineering. Took a job offer with Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY and began  as a systems development engineer involved with films, and chemicals. Only a couple of years later he married Gail, a college chum, and began a family. When the kids were little he escaped the house by getting an MBA at Rochester Institute of Technology. His career progressed to management where he was program manager for the group that built Kodak’s first digital still camera.  Meanwhile Jim maintained his status as a National Ski Patrolman and an avid racing sailor. Jim’s last assignment at Kodak was to a special group charged to create, and evaluate new business opportunities.  He took an “early out” offer in 1999, and after a little consulting, left LakeOntario with Gail to sail the Caribbean in 2000 on their 44 ft sloop. They sailed up and down the Eastern Caribbean to Trinidad and Venezuela and eventually to St. Croix where he hooked up with Joe and Julie SanMartin and RE/MAX in 2004 to represent buyers and sellers of Real Estate in St Croix. Jim has participated on the boards of St Croix Environmental Association, Trust for Virgin IslandsLand, and the Unitarian Fellowship of St Croix. Jim and Gail own a home atop the most remote hill on the west end of St Croix, but visitors are welcome.