Caribbean Music from Eddy Lawrence

Caribbean music is like none other. The culture of Caribbean folk can easily be found with there music. I have to mention that it may come in different varieties like Soca, Calypso, and Reggae just to name a few. The music themselves often tell stories of life, or old folk tales. Some tell the complexities of living on an island that may be bombarded by technology and the new wave of the Internet. Songs about change from old to new. Here is a small fact, that most of these Caribbean islands keep there image by holding on to its past. So there is always a topic when something new pops up. Some of these stories are also about Caribbean people that did many great things in these islands. Many people would say that Reggae music is the most popular, but explore some of the other generas and you might be surprised with what you may find.  Between the steel pan drums and up-tempo bands, trumpets blasting take some time two listen to some of the colorful stories being told.  They may tell you a whole lot more about the people and what actually mite be happening as sort of a musical editorial. A strong message can be told in different ways, even in a way that might make you lauph. The truth does not always have to hurt, and with the growth and distribution of Caribbean music the people have been able to pass their ideas along with their history for generations to hear.