She never Wore Sensible Shoes from Dawn Johns

She Never Wore Sensible Shoes…

I was born on a bright sunny day in Chicago in the first week of March.

That may not seem unique or unusual unless you are from the great plains states – and you would know – the sun never shines the first week i March.  I was reminded of this rather pious notion frequently during my childhood.

So when my 60+1 birthday fell on a hedonistic Saturday, last Saturday, having lost 40+ pounds in the last six months, – I had a mission. I wanted to replicate my favorite breakfast  – thinly sliced Mahi with hot sauce that I had on the beach on Kona Hawaii, pizza for lunch (I am a Chicago girl- I can only go so long without pizza!!), and my very favorite dinner from the best restaurant, Tutto Bene, on St.  Croix –

If I had drawn my last breath at the end of the day I would have left this world a happy person……….all done while wearing red patent leather stilettos…….