Thoughts on Island Success from Kelly Simon

“To laugh often and much,” begins the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that sits on my desk about succeeding. The friends that I have made on St. Croix make this goal easily attainable. Be it in line at the Post Office, browsing at a local jewelry store, or enjoying one of the islands cultural events, with just a smile you will make a friend. The quaintness of our island ensures that you will see this friend many times during your time here, no matter how long or short. My husband and I have been blessed to attain another goal of success, according to Mr. Emerson. We plan “to leave the world a bit better… by a healthy child”,  make that two. Our daughter, Anna, and our son, William, were both born here and we are so very proud to be raising them on St. Croix. As parents we have met a lot of people here that are also choosing to raise their children on this treasure of an island. There is a very active mothers group that has beach days and story times. This mothers group also shares information about pediatricians, piano lessons , yard sales and more. My friends that are stateside tell stories of uptight story times and moms that like to one-up. We are very blessed to live in a community of people that have made a decision to live a less materialistic lifestyle, to listen a little more, talk a little less and “find the best in others”.  Thanks Mr. Emerson for helping me to remember what is really important. We plan on succeeding on St. Croix for many years to come!