Thoughts on January nights by Eddy Lawrence

In January the nights in St.Croix turns into something very different.  The temperature drops to a cool low seventies, the wind also comes with much more gusty. It is just amazing to feel the cold wind across your face. I always turn my window down when I’m driving out east. With the moonlight shining bright, u can clearly see the seashore. Driving out to Point Udall on a night with a full moon like this, you may need a moment to park up and take it all in. Priceless, midnight blue skies with the moonlight shining across the water as waves glide onto the cold sand under your feet. How can taking a ten minute drive from your doorstep, under a moon the size of a US half dollar takes you to a place that’ll help push your imagination.  Stars by the hundreds when the more that you look the more you will find .Not before long, the footprints in the sand may appear to be miles long. You may easily lose track of time. Looking at every detail, each seashell at your feet, even as the wind dies down, gives off the sense that time truly stands still. When all that can be heard is the sound of the seas rolling onto the sand, not a ruffle in the bushes. The leaves of the coconut trees completely stop. A picture perfect camera shot with the full moon rite above the sand and the sky. A moment like this you may carry with you to the ends of the world.