You can tell if your on the right road by Maria DeLarose Franklin

You can tell when you’re on the right road ___ it’s uphill . . . bits&pieces
We are makers of our own destinies. Our mere existence is paved on our
mindset to go forward, backwards, left, right and/or as a rocket spurt towards the
heavens. Moreover, the paths we may take in reaching our ultimate destination
are divided, to wit, success and failure. (a) failure: breakdown, stoppage,
malfunction, crash, collapse, disappointment, letdown, and not a success. All of
which are provisions that should be used as sustenance not to weaken us but
instead strengthen our minds and willpower. The first instinct of a toddler when
he or she falls to ground is to rise again.
Our endeavors have to be made up of trials and errors, faults and failures
much of which are tools, tools to iron out, and strengthen our path. These paths
are not lined with rose petals but of thorns, nails, pins, needles, falling rocks, lakes
and rivers. Failures are designed to challenge and prepare the achievers, the get
goers, the accomplishers, and the goal setters.
Harold Blake Walker said, “There are two significant characteristics of
every great life. The first is capacity to make a good beginning, and the second is
courage to push on to a good ending. One of the saddest things in life is to see a
man begin some worthy venture revealing great promise and then to watch him
flounder into failure for lack of courage to push on through frustration and
disappointment . . . . A life of triumph hinges on a firm faith for rugged times. (b)
success: achievement, accomplishment, victory, triumph, hit, winner and
When asked about his failures, Thomas Edison replied, “why would I feel
like a failure? … I now know definitively over 9000 ways that an electric light bulb
will not work. . . .
Trust yourself to test your limits, that is the courage to succeed.
Maria DeLarose Franklin